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Preschool: Calle 74 No 41-46
Middle&High School: Calle 73B No 39-142

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At Boston International School we are firmly committed to the development of Early Childhood whole person education. This important stage in the lives of our children takes place under methodological parameters focused on languages to express their emotions, needs, knowledge, likes and dislikes; arts, games, literature and environment exploration (actividades rectoras), everything in compliance with Early Childhood competencies development policies, The Basic Learning Rights of Colombia and a series of activities that are established as a mean to achieve a meaningful learning environment. Socio-affective development plays an important role in our pedagogical proposal, in such a way that care, nutrition and stimulation are intertwined to promote the holistic development of our children, favoring the environments for socializing and performing daily life tasks. The Pedagogical Model is determined by the life of Jesus Christ and the Word of our Heavenly Father, His Son and the Holy Spirit, everything is combined with the postulates of Active Pedagogy, to ensure a Life Long Learning process.

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