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Preschool: Calle 74 No 41-46
Middle&High School: Calle 73B No 39-142

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Our History

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Our Institution arises from the manifest need of the members of our Christian community, parents who lived around the campus, and especially the vision of shepherd CARLOS REYES and his wife DILIA DE REYES, founders of the Boston Council of Churches. Shepherd Carlos dreamed with a space in which children and young people could be educated not only academically but spiritually; his vision was based on Christian education, on the discovery of our values, the capability for a healthy coexistence, and the study of the English language.
This is how in 2002 the Boston International preschool began under the General Directorate of Luz Danis Reyes, Carlos and Dilia youngest daughter. A Faith project to which Ingrid Reyes, the eldest daughter of the pastoral marriage, eventually joins as Academic Director. It has been a process full of adventures, in which the providence of God has been a constant, and our founder’s vision has been successful.
In 2003, Shepherd Carlos left for the Lord’s Presence seeing the initial phase of his educational vision materialized. His departure is an immense void to this day, but his legacy is evident and prolonged through his wife Dilia, his daughters Luz Danis and Ingrid, who now run the Boston International School, and his son David, Pastor President of The Boston Central Church.
We thank God for his guidance and protective hand in these 15 years in which our purpose has been to serve Him and to be faithful to a legacy and a vision that was born in his heart.

Carlos y Dilia Reyes