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Preschool: Calle 74 No 41-46
Middle&High School: Calle 73B No 39-142

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Boston International School program rest assure on the Word of God as the supreme guide for developing a whole person education and lifelong learners founded on the Theocentric Teaching Model. Based on the life of Jesus, we want to develop in our students respect for the authorities, and we emphasize through the departments of welfare, student’s coexistence and Chaplaincy, the constant use of biblical principles in daily life situations and the social impact that education has.

B.I.S High school is also characterized by a continuous follow up of every part of the education process and how they are strengthening, as well as a continuous preparation that formally starts in 6th grade for various local and international standardized tests that young people have to face such as: National Standardized Test (Icfes for its Spanish initials) and IELTS (9th and 11th).

We persistently pursue educational excellence, through the search for knowledge, based on three major axes that support all pedagogical action: epistemological, cultural, and transcendental. We believe on faith as a means of improvement for the spirit and we value science, as an intellectual and research process, following the principles of righteousness and integrity that characterizes Christ’s disciples. These axes shape the Bostonian education and are come alive in our curriculum.


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Cronograma General