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Preschool: Calle 74 No 41-46
Middle&High School: Calle 73B No 39-142

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We seek to provide a whole body education framework based on the principles and character of the life of Jesus Christ. Building the learning process is crucial to awaken cognitive potential in environments conducive to generate the development of skills and competences. Through innovative strategies, meaningful learning experiences and projects, we seek to promote a dynamic, modern education that allows students to face the challenges of a global society and prepare them with excellence and quality in each of the fields of study. This is how, through our institutional model, we pursue to prepare our children in the different fields of knowledge; keeping our bilingual curriculum as an important part of our mission.

Within our expectations we endeavor to know our students thoroughly; their limitations, their fears and doubts, their weaknesses and strengths. This with the purpose of applying strategies that help us guide, solve, and generate a healthy learning environment. Interacting and building up families is one of our constant goals, since it is the key component that makes it possible to understand and make decisions in every situation we face in life, our institution has embraced the Theocentric Teaching Model, the life of Jesus as an example to follow.


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